Valve Supply & Services

Valve Supply & Services

Unleash Efficiency and Precision with Valve Supply & Services by VMG. Your Trusted Partner for Premium Valve Solutions, Unmatched Expertise, and Comprehensive Support. 

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Services we offer

The expertise includes maintenance, overhaul, repair, automation and testing of various type of valves used in Oil and Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Water Industry.

Our in-shop capabilities include the repair of all types and sizes of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Plug and Control Valves.

VALMECH has established, documented and implemented a Quality Management System focused on continuous improvement. The company maintains an ISO 9001 QMS system with emphasis on quality and business-related processes.

Valve Automation

Design and Manufacturing of Valve / Actuator Mounting Hardware.

Mounting, Testing and Calibration of Valves / Actuators and accessories.

Modification of Valves.

Calibration of Positioners / Control Components.

Servicing, refurbishment & testing of valves & actuators

Complete refurbishment (dismantling, sand/grid blasting, inspection, assembling, painting, testing & certification)

Reconditioning of components

Repairing of actuators (pneumatic, electro-pneumatic or hydraulic/gear operated).

Testing facilities for all classes and sizes of valves (Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Plug, Control Valves).

Valve servicing and refurbishment on site with adequate manpower supply during outage time.

Fabrication works

Site Works – (Onshore)

Structural Fabrication including Extension Spindle approved by DEWA, DM and other clients in UAE

Chain wheels approved by TABREED, DCP.

IBOR Valves

Design & Certification Table

Product Range

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